Best place for invest your Cryptos

Upto 30%ROI, Audited contract that gives upto 200% of your investment.

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Open Source

The code is 100% open to the world.

Audited & Verified

The contract is audited by third party and verified,


Our Smart Contract is highly secure and decentralised.


Our Project is completely community maintained. There is no administrator or moderator.

Safe & Secure


Upto 25%ROI and Sustainable

Our intelligent Smart contract will automatically adjust ROI from 20% to 25% depends on the contract balance, this will make sure our contract is sustainable.

Earn 200% of your Investment

You can earn up to 200% of your initial investment.

5% & 3% Referral Earnings

Two-level referral options enable you to earn 5% of investments for every person you refer you 3% of investments their referrals. Referral amounts are invested under your account.

Smart & Sustainable

Our intelligent contract knows what to offer and when to stop, contracts automatically enable lockdown and increased ROI when the balance falls out of the hands.

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